The Earth is flat

The Earth is flat, objectively and factually speaking.

NASA images are doctored to promote the myth, the moon and other heavenly bodies are flat as well, merely oriented in such a way as to appear spherical—they are in reality disc-shaped.

Circumnavigation is a lie. When Magellan “circumnavigated” the globe he was just using a fancy word to say he got lost. If one enters a helicopter, and the Earth is truly “spinning” at nearly 1000 miles an hour, then why do helicopters even need to move in the first place and not simply hover while the Earth does the traveling below?

High-masted ships whose masts could supposedly be seen before the body of the ship due to the “curvatures” of the Earth, do not illustrate this supposed curvature—this effect is merely one similar to the heat-haze we see in the summer that warps our vision; I term it “sea-haze.”

Finally, I’ll speak about the Ice Wall.

How does the Earth retain her waters if there is no barrier to prevent them from pouring over the side?

Simple: There is a wall of ice, much like The Wall from “Game of Thrones” that keeps the water from leaking out and drying out our flat Earth. Space is naturally very cold, and thus the waters nearest the edge of the Earth would be frozen.

There are other points that point to our flat Earth; the fact that maps are flat and always depict a flat Earth (don’t get me started on the inaccuracies of globes), numerous accounts of the mysteries of the “South” and “North” Poles, really just parts of one contiguous ice wall, and evidence in the fossil record that supports belief in a flat Earth, not a hollow one, that’s an entirely different and unscientific theory.

Now this is clearly all nonsense. Why am I spouting this nonsense in a reputable publication for all to see like an unhinged stoic hermit?

The reasons are twofold: Because I can, and because it provides an exercise in critical thinking. In the modern era it’s become far too easy for people to spur objectively untrue facts.

“Climate change is a myth!”, “The Earth is flat!”, “The Moon landing was faked!” and so on and so forth. The rise of the internet and mass communication has been a double-edged sword.

I can learn a multitude of things from the internet from reputable sources and then hop right to the flat Earth forum to learn the forbidden knowledge that NASA doesn’t want me to know. The most important reason I say the Earth is flat is because it provides an exercise in critical thinking and argumentation.

Real flat-Earthers will have a myriad of points and views that, if listened to for long enough, may actually start to sound believable. It’s important today, more than ever, for the average person to have good rhetorical skills and the ability to use them effectively.

Let’s look at a statement that’s often bandied about by those that think climate change isn’t real: “Man-made climate change is impossible.”

Their reasoning for this could be chalked up to the fact that man is insignificant compared to the mass and size of the Earth, and to think we could influence Mother Nature herself is one that illustrates the hubris of man.

They may also say that the climate has naturally shifted over the course of human history and anything happening now is simply a process that ebbs and flows over centuries.

The thing is, they’re right about the second point—but the issue comes from when they use it to support the first one. History has seen many periods of warming and cooling, in periods during the Middle-Ages and as far back as Late Antiquity, formerly known as the Dark Ages, they had what were called “Little Ice Ages” in which the temperatures cooled quite heavily.

These were periods of famine and disease,and served as the inspiration for the world of “Game of Thrones” having seasons that last for years on end, with winters often being the harshest and deadliest ones to survive.

Even if one believes that man-made climate change has no bearing in reality, one must only look to the statistical data to see that temperatures are sharply changing and that another period of global temperature shift is on the way.

Whether or not one chalks that up to man’s reliance on fossil-fuels and factory production is up to them, but we’re approaching a point in time in which denying the climate is changing is impossible.

The Earth isn’t flat. We all know that. But there are certain points of view that people will argue to the ends of the Earth (pun intended) that are simply untrue, and having the proper skills and knowledge to elucidate the truth is more important than ever.

Seriously, the Earth is flat, though.

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