The essential friendship

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Friendship in its purest form is unconditional.

It is not familiar with the deception those enthralled in their own intentions offer. In friendship the grudges and hatred that pose as adhesive to intolerance is dissolved, and the sharing of experiences can overcome even the abysmal assortment of obstacles that occur in life.

Humanity relinquishes the lens that creates its perception of the world and begins to focus its attention on those about whom it truly cares.

It is unrefined and righteous.

However, the collection of experiences that amass as one goes through life transforms the human soul into an entity eons apart from the original.

He or she may change as the result of a traumatic experience, or from the choices made throughout his or her life. Nevertheless, it is imperative to hold fast to those that truly care about you, regardless of the obstacles that lie ahead.

In the tender stage known as childhood, youth plays an important role in eliminating prejudice and provides as the equilibrium in matters of innocence.

Through a child’s eyes, the subjection to malign intent is non-existent. Children develop bonds with those that share a common interest or live in close proximity.

They are released from the grasp of life’s obligations and self-interests; however, as experience presents itself over time, and the blots of ink stain the once pure white sheet with an assortment of deception and mistruths, the once unbreakable friendship is in shambles from the berating of life’s struggles and tribulations.

Choices made affect how the souls gaze through their lenses; their objective standpoint makes the gradual transition to subjectivity, and their perception becomes intelligent, aware and corrupt.

We choose friends based upon common interests consisting of corresponding beliefs—the similar interest that we share and the matter of walking the same path of life.

When we are forced to be in the proximity of another human being, the desire to know that person and be granted companionship grows inside the heart.

Then, there is increase in contentment when the heart has the luxury of being in the company of another that cares about it.

However, one must be aware of the risk of superficiality and those that are concerned only with their life ambitions; they will attempt to consume the heart and form it into a bitter object.

And heart must remain resilient and light.

Be it instinctual, from humanity’s innate desire for companionship, or something divine that exists deep within the confines of the heart, the platonic bond formed is a force to be reckoned with.

To grow in knowledge and age with another is truly a wonder worthy of marvel and value.

Every impediment encountered or rock in the road seems miniscule in the grander scheme of the bond.

Though the presence of strife will persist in the destruction of the bond, it must remain steadfast.

Take comfort in the fact that traversing life is all the easier when in the company of a friend.

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