The movie that could save the Halloween season: “Hubie Halloween.”

“Hubie Halloween” is a Netflix Original movie that just might save the spooky season. This star-studded movie is a feel-good comedy that you can watch with your family or friends to get you in the Halloween spirit. 

Adam Sandler stars as Hubie Dubois, a man with an unspecified learning disability. Hubie has a stutter, is easily frightened and has been an outcast his entire life. Despite his struggles, Hubie is still the kindest person in the town.

Halloween is Hubie’s favorite time of year, and every year he helps protect his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is a notoriously spooky town, and its residents always take Halloween to the next level. Hubie wants everyone to have a fun yet safe Halloween and has dubbed himself the Halloween Monitor.

The movie starts by showing a patient at a mental health hospital escaping through his window. The movie then introduces Hubie, immediately showing the townspeople tormenting him. Most people in the town bully Hubie and have since he was a child. 

Mike, one of Hubie’s coworkers at the grocery store deli, is abducted at a party. Since Hubie often contacts law enforcement with minor problems, no one believes him when he reports Mike missing. More townspeople go missing, and when the police finally take notice, Hubie seems to be the victims’ only connection. 

The most interesting aspect of this movie, though, is not the kidnappings or the escaped psychiatric patient — it’s Hubie’s thermos. This thermos is a swiss-army thermos; it contains everything from an umbrella to a shovel, as well as being a good soup canister. 

The movie pushes the limits of its PG-13 rating. The movie is family-friendly up to a point; there is lots of sexual suggestiveness in the movie that most children will not understand. Adults and children will both find this movie funny, just for different reasons. Anyone who has watched any other Adam Sandler movies knows that they are stupid yet funny. “Hubie Halloween” has a child-appropriate storyline with adult humor; it is all in fun, but there are many areas of inappropriate humor. 

The movie has several different storylines interwoven throughout, all of which connect to Hubie. The multiple storylines and quick transitions between them can make the movie hard to follow. The overall meaning of “Hubie Halloween,” though, is to always keep your head high and always be yourself. Hubie is unapologetically himself the entire movie, never letting his bullies and their actions against him take away his passion for Halloween and life. 

This movie was dedicated to Cameron Boyce, an actor Sandler has often worked with in the past. Boyce unexpectedly passed away just days before filming was set to begin. 

“Hubie Halloween,” according to Travis Bean’s Forbes article “Adam Sandler’s ‘Hubie Halloween’ Is Seconds Away From Becoming The First Comedy On Netflix To Achieve This Rare Milestone,” has been in Netflix’s top ten trending movies and shows since its release. 
If you’re looking for a funny and uplifting Halloween movie, stream “Hubie Halloween” on Netflix now!

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