The Point After

Louden Young predicts that Murray State will make it to the Final Four of this year's NCAA Tournament. Photo courtesy of

Since it is the new year, I feel it is only appropriate to make some predictions on the next year in sports.  So here they are:

1)      The Boston Red Sox, after the greatest collapse in the history of baseball, will break the record for victories in a season.  The lineup is as potent as it was last year, Clay Buckholz will be back and everyone on the teamhas something to prove this year.

2)      Yu Darvish, the pitcher to whom Texas paid $104 million dollars this offseason, will finish in the top three in Cy Young voting.  He is only 25 years old.  He has four excellent pitches, seven total pitches and amazing control with his fastball.

3)      Novak Djokovic will win the French Open, achieving the Grand Slam in tennis by holding all four major titles at once.

4)      America will claim the most medals at the Olympics in London.  The biggest surprise of the Olympics will be the United States’ winning the team gold in gymnastics.

5)      The Indiana Pacers will make the NBA Finals, making David West the greatest impact signing of the NBA offseason.

6)      The Pacers will fall to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals.  It will take all seven games, though.

7)      The ACC will not have a single team make it into the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament.  This has been a down year in the ACC.

8)      Murray State will make it to the Final Four, losing to the eventual champions, Missouri.

9)      Andrew Luck will be taken with the first pick of the NFL Draft and not win more than two games next year.

10)   The Boston Bruins will repeat as NHL Champions.

11)   Joe Torre will become one the owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

12)   Albert Pujols will win the MVP and have his highest total of home runs in a season.

13)   Floyd Mayweather Jr. will lose on May 4th, regardless of whom he fights.

14)   The SEC will not put single team in the BCS championship game.

15)   Prince Fielder will have the highest RBI total for a season in his entire career, and the Detroit Tigers will not make the playoffs.

Now, this is not a prediction but a guarantee:  the New England Patriots will win the Super bowl.

Enjoy the next year of sports!

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