The sad defeat of a powderpuff football player

Powderpuff Champs, Kick My End Zone, beat The Sackin’ Sloots19 to 12. Photo by Fernado Rabanales.
Powderpuff Champs, Kick My End Zone, beat The Sackin’ Sloots19 to 12. Photo by Fernado Rabanales.

There I was with my back flat on the ground while the girl who had plowed me over was already another ten yards down the field. I didn’t get up. I laid there and thought of all the reasons why I signed myself up for powderpuff football at Maryville College.

It was our third and final game, and we were down in the first quarter. It didn’t look like we were going to improve in the second. We had all the plays memorized down to having funny names to call them by. The fact was we just didn’t have the talent that the other team had.

We put in time to practice at least once a week to go over the motions and practice throwing the ball around.  Yes, we were dedicated, but in no way prepared. After losing twice already, our spirits weren’t necessarily high.

In no way did we give up. We were badly bruised and one of my teammates skinned all the skin off of her knee caps from the previous game. Just the thought of getting knocked over like a bowling pin made me second guess even showing up to the field.

Somehow, there I was back on the field ready to snap the ball and face to face with a girl who was nearly twice my size.

“Hut!” I snapped the ball back or rather handed it to her through my legs in fear of dropping it or tossing it in the wrong direction.  Instead of attempting to block, I stepped out of the way and allowed her to pass by me.

Even though it was flag football it didn’t mean it wasn’t a “contact sport.” Sure, you were supposed to “tackle” someone by grabbing their flag but getting knocked to the ground seemed inevitable. I don’t consider myself athletic, and if I wasn’t lifeless on the ground, I was throwing myself at other players attempting to grab a flag and hurting myself in the process.

Picking up my flag and what was left of my dignity, I lined back up for another play. We gave our all of what little we had to give. There was no way we would be able to make up the points even if a miracle occurred. We were so behind I don’t think the Lord could help us at this point.

Although we lost, we still had fun. I learned a bit more about football,  and the fact that most football players put in a lot more physical work that I am willing to commit.

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