There are lots ways to stay active!

Getting active during the semester is very important for staying healthy and stress free. There are many opportunities to get involved and stay active around campus.

Intramurals is one way to get active. Intramurals include many programs, activities, and leagues, such as sand volleyball, flag football, soccer, dodgeball, indoor volleyball, basketball, softball, and pickleball. You could also join a fitness class. Classes offered this spring semester include line dancing and yoga.

Another way to stay active is to spend some time in the fitness center to stay in shape. There are treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, free weights, a squat rack, benches, a smith machine, TRX cables, and kettlebells.

Sophomore business major Jesus Pascual Galicia shared how he stays active.

“I’m currently involved with intramural volleyball. It has been a great overall experience as my team and I enjoy playing together every Wednesday,” Galicia said. “Personally, I have been an active person since high school when I played soccer all four years. My group of friends and I go to a local park once a week and play a pick-up game of soccer to keep us active.”

“During the busy school days, I try my best to finish up my homework and head to the gym around 9 or 10 p.m. It’s important to me to stay active as it personally helps me relieve stress be it from school or work,” Galicia said. “I feel like health and fitness is one of the keys to living a happy life.”

Senior child development and learning major Zachary Layman is also involved with intramural volleyball. He shared how he stays active daily.

“I do a lot to be active. I work out six times a week and run at least two miles on a treadmill and two miles on a stations every day, and I include weight lifting,” Layman said. “I also play intramural basketball and volleyball once a week. I try to play at least one pick-up basketball game a week. I also eat a pretty healthy diet that includes lean meats, veggies, and fruit.”

Living an active life is key to staying healthy. Going out for a bike ride, dancing, going to the pool, and just walking around the block are simple ways to stay active. Exercising daily can improve your mental health and cognitive function.

Many people think exercising is very tiring but there are many ways to make it fun! Pick an activity that is fun to you and that you could do with family and friends. You will be most likely to keep to an exercise plan if it is something you enjoy. Find an exercise partner and keep each other motivated.

There are many beautiful parks in Maryville to go for a walk or for a hike. The Maryville College woods also has many trails to hike and burn some calories on. Making an exercise plan and following it daily can help prevent many health diseases and help reduce your stress during the semester!

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