Tom Hanks plays heroic pilot in “Sully”

Tom Hanks is known for being a fantastic actor. In his new movie Sully he continues to not disappoint.

Sully is based on the true story of Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, an aircraft pilot of 40 years, who landed a plane of 155 people on the Hudson River after losing both airplane engines with no lives lost.

Sully struggles in the movie with being called a hero. Despite the fact that he strategically landed the plane on the river to avoid a crash while keeping everyone alive, he begins to doubt himself when an investigation begins surrounding the incident.

When this happened in 2009 an investigation took place to make sure Sully could not have landed the plane safely on a runway. Ultimately the investigation was to confirm that Sully made the best choice without endangering the lives of the passengers any further.

“Sully” is based around this investigation.

Sully begins to doubt himself and struggles with these questions, but in the end, it is proven that he did, in fact, make the best decision. If he would have tried to land on a runway, the plane would have crashed and lives would have been lost.

Tom Hanks really brings this movie to life by making it feel like a true story. This movie did not feel overly theatrical or overly produced—It seemed genuine.

Action and drama movies always tend to have a very produced feel to them—special effects, intense drama, murders etc. However, the movie “Sully” was able to capture the action and drama without the added fluff that tends to make some movies less than believable.

Though the characters in this movie were facing some serious hardships, they remained calm and collected (for the most part) throughout the story.

During this particular flight landing, in an overly produced movie, there would have been a load of chaos with people screaming and running franticly everywhere.

In “Sully,” the flight attendants coached everyone through their protocols, and the pilot and co-pilot handled the situation in the front. This is how it would be in real life.

Although the movie had a very calm feel to most of it, the emotions were still very real.

The passengers were not screaming during the fearful landing, but the fear was still extremely obvious.

This movie was a mix between a drama and a thriller.

The wife of Sully brought a lot of emotion into the movie with her late night phone calls, crying, and checking up on her husband.

There was also a financial issue that if Sully was no longer allowed to fly after this, his family would lose their house because he would be out of work.

This really brought the aspect of a true story to life because in real life, this would be a big issue.

This movie is highly recommended for anyone who wants to watch an incredible story unfold, as if it were really happening.

“Sully” really tugs on heartstrings and makes the viewers understand the true event even better.

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