Wear it now, wear it later: Transitional fashion


As we all know, East Tennessee weather is a fickle thing. In January alone, we saw snow
days and 75 degree days, sometimes within the same week. While spring feels quite close, the
warmer temperatures are usually doled out among some colder, windy days while winter still

This phenomenon means that transitioning into a spring wardrobe too soon could leave you
shivering in your classes. It’s helpful to know a few items that can be worn in both spring and
winter, just to make sure that you are comfortable and stylish. It can be tempting to pack up
winter coats and sweaters as soon as the first streak of warm days has arrived, but keeping
them around for a while is not a bad idea.

In fact, while the weather is still cool enough to do so, it’s fun to play around with the cozier
things in your closet. For instance, a cable knit sweater is a great way to beat the chill while still
looking put together. However, if you want to update your look for spring, a pair of pastel pants
is the perfect way to go.

For some, the thought of pastel colors brings visions of spring and Easter. Of course, there
are fashionable ways to incorporate pastels that won’t make you look like an Easter egg.
Pastels come in handy for a whimsical winter look, instead of the ever popular all black and
grey winter uniform. A pair of pastel pink skinny jeans, for example, could prove to be incredibly
versatile as the seasons change.

Like any normal pair of skinny jeans, these can be paired with a coordinating sweater, scarf
and boots combination for braving those days of lingering cold. The pastel pink adds a pop of
color, and a cheerful reminder that spring is on its way.

When spring does arrive, these pastel skinny jeans will transition smoothly with the season.
They are especially fresh when worn with anything floral. For example, try a retro style top in
another popular pastel, mint green. The pastel colors create a spring inspired color palette,
while the fit of the items ensures a flattering ensemble.

According to magazines and popular retail stores, such as Gap and American Eagle, the
denim vest is another item that will be stylish in the spring. This might make some fashion
forward people cringe as they recall bad, retro outfits. But this season’s update is a more
flattering, shrunken fit that is another perfect transitional item to get you through the colder

A modernized version of the denim vest looks great over dresses, while still adding some
warmth. Paired with opaque tights and ankle boots, such a vest is a great addition to a more
layered outfit. This is a perfect solution for those of you who are looking forward to spring
trends, but still have to dress for the cooler days ahead.

However, a denim vest will also look great with springtime outfits. A fresh white dress and
sandals provide the perfect backdrop to a fitted vest. Baring too much skin the first few months
of spring can be a bit of an extreme contrast to the bundled up winter months. But a denim vest
is the perfect way to maintain some modesty while still looking trendy this spring.

When paired with a scarf and sweater, pastel pants are the perfect pop of color in colder temperatures.

We really love the idea of a transitional wardrobe. Having pieces that you can wear
throughout the year, and not just in certain seasons, creates a great wardrobe foundation. Of
course, pastel jeans and denim vests certainly are not the only clothing items that can be worn
regardless of season.

Be creative and adventurous with your clothing as the seasons change. Use items like tights,
scarves and jackets or sweaters to your advantage to make other items in your closet more
versatile, no matter the temperature.

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