What to watch when you “Netflix and Chill”

This winter consider Josh Anderson’s top five netflix suggestions when you Netflix and chill. Cozy up to an action packed thriller or some good laughs from Bob’s Burgers. Photo from Google.
This winter consider Josh Anderson’s top five netflix suggestions when you Netflix and chill. Cozy up to an action packed thriller or some good laughs from Bob’s Burgers. Photo from Google.

At this point, most people have probably figured out what it means when you receive an invitation from someone to “watch Netflix and chill.” Without going into too much detail, it generally means that person is too cheap to take you out on a date before… well, you know.

However, if this is not the intent and you truly do wish to watch something on Netflix, there are several gems in the Netflix library. For your benefit, I have compiled a list of worth-while movies and shows that are worth watching if you have not already done so.

     First I would like to mention “Pulp Fiction” because it is one of my favorite moves.  I am a huge Quentin Tarantino fan so if I was not concerned about it, his movies would fill up my list. However, I will make this the only Tarantino directed movie on my list. It has been placed on Netflix and removed from Netflix numerous times.

Fortunately, it is currently on there and I do not think it will be removed any time soon along with many other good Tarantino films. The content of this movie is very clever and gritty. If you are looking for a solid plotline, then this is not the movie for you.

After all, the title of the film is “Pulp Fiction” so it can be assumed that the movie is a mass of fictional stories. However, these stories are connected to each other. If you enjoy crime related movies and shows, then this is a must-see. However, this may not be suitable for more conservative viewers as there is foul language and some intense violence.

Next, I am going to suggest “Dream House.” I would classify this movie under thrillers, but I think I actually found it while searching through the Horror section on Netflix. If you like movies that make you think, this is your type of movie. The movie opens up with the main character, a middle aged husband and father, traveling to a quiet town in New England to be reunited with Wife and two daughters in their new home. All seems to be well until they discover that the family that formerly lived there was brutally murdered. Enjoy trying to figure out the truth.

     If you are looking for less intense entertainment, I suggest “Bob’s Burgers.”  This is an animated TV Comedy that is an absolute blast to watch. While I was skeptical at first, thinking that this was yet another “Family Guy” or “South Park” wannabe, I was pleasantly surprised.

I find much of the content of those shows to be toilet humor and lacking originality. “Bob’s Burgers” on the other hand is very clever and witty. The scenarios are clean for most audiences and very funny.

There have been many times I have been rolling on my couch crying from antics of the characters. This show is about a couple and their three kids who own a burger joint. Their efforts to run a successful business are nearly always in vain due to their abnormal behaviors. If you love to laugh, you will love Bob and his crazy family.

     Next, I am going to suggest the documentary series “Making a Murderer.” For any of you that do not like movies or TV shows, that is kind of odd. But I suppose that documentaries might be more to your liking? Regardless if you have enjoyed documentaries in the past, this should be intriguing to most audiences.

This ten episode documentary is well worth the time. A man wrongfully convicted of rape sits in prison for eighteen years before being proven innocent through DNA testing. Now he is finally released and everyone can go back to living their normal lives, right? Not if the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department has anything to say about it.

Next, I’m going to mention “Jessica Jones” because I feel obligated to include at least one Netflix Original series on this list. I have to admit, however, that I am not quite finished watching this series. I am about half way through this series so my assessment is only based off of the first five episodes.

Of the content I have seen thus far, I have been very impressed. “Jessica Jones” is based off of a Marvel Comic Book series. Krysten Rytter plays a private investigator after her attempt at being a super hero falls through. She has extraordinary abilities but uses them only when necessary to hide her abilities from the public.

If you are expecting half the action you have seen in any of the Avengers films, you are going to be disappointed. If you enjoy watching content based off the Marvel Universe and shows like “CSI” and “Law and Order” then you should thoroughly enjoy this show.

So there you have it! There are my five must watch movies/shows on Netflix. Now you should have something to watch the next time you get together with that “special someone.” If there is someone really special, maybe you can go to Redbox and actually rent a movie with your own money instead of just using your parent’s Netflix account to fund your endeavors.

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