Where to Study At and Around Maryville College

In an article published in 2017 by the Pepperdine Graphic, Carolina Pinto stated that studying in bed is detrimental to an individual’s health for many reasons, including inhibited blood flow to the brain, bad posture and lower sleep quality. This may discourage students from doing homework from the comfort of their beds, and the question then becomes where they should study instead.

For most Maryville College students, Lamar Memorial Library, located in the lobby of Thaw Hall, is the go-to. However, if you are a bibliophile that has grown bored of MC’s library, the Blount County Public Library is a great alternative. 

Located within walking distance of campus, the public library offers free membership cards to anyone with proof of ID and current residency. Out-of-county residents are also eligible for membership cards at the cost of $25/year. While a card is not required for entering and using the library, having one allows you to check out books and other publications, making it a good place for students to get research and supplemental study material. It not only serves as a great environment for studying, but also offers resources and internet access for students.

Among the more well-known coffee shops in Maryville is Vienna Coffee House. A favorite with MC students, Vienna offers both indoor and outdoor seating, free Wi-Fi, house-roasted coffee, and many baked goods, sandwiches and salads. Simply follow the bridge behind the Clayton Center and walk until you see the yellow table umbrellas and the awnings over the sidewalk seating. 

If Vienna is already familiar to you, consider giving Southern Grace Coffee Company a try. Located behind the Maryville Municipal Building, it is well within walking or biking distance of campus. This historic house-turned-cafe has an inviting, homey atmosphere and delicious beverage options, as well as free Wi-Fi. If coffee isn’t your thing, the “Smoky Mountain Sunrise” drink is a favorite alternative.

On days when the weather is too beautiful to stay inside, but a trek off campus feels like too much, the MC outdoor classroom is a great option. Hidden away between Sutton Science Center and Pearsons, it’s easily overlooked. However, it serves as a great place to study while getting fresh air and sunshine. It also offers a great view of the college’s resident red-tailed hawk. It is completely open to students, as long as a class is not being held there. 

Rainy days can pose a unique challenge; it may feel too dreary to venture outside of campus, but staying inside a dorm when the weather is gloomy can induce study blues and stunt motivation. If that’s the case, there are many indoor on-campus study spots available that offer cozy atmospheres and convenience. 

Bartlett Hall is home to many of these areas, including the commuter lounge. In room 201, students will find couches, tables, a refrigerator and kitchenette, and lots of natural light. While labeled for commuter students, this lounge is open to traditional and non-traditional students alike. 

The living room in Bartlett 229 also provides a comfortable workspace for students, as well as holding a printer that students can access. The many seats and large, open space is ideal for group projects, meetings, and study groups. Its proximity to Isaac’s Cafe is a bonus, too.  

While many students involved in the Progressive Christian Community on campus are familiar with the Center for Campus Ministry, some students are unaware of the great study environment that the chapel offers. Formerly the Lamar Memorial Library, the space now serves as not only a place of worship, but also as a sanctuary for students seeking a peaceful study space. The second floor of the CCM holds plenty of couches and bookshelves, perfect for putting students in a productive mindset. 

It’s clear that the Maryville College campus and surrounding area is teeming with great spaces for creativity, productivity and learning. This is just one more way that MC promotes an environment of academic excellence. 

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