Why you should just stay in

Senior student, Clair Scott, enjoying a book on a Friday night.

It’s Friday night. You just blew 80 dollars on a new outfit from Urban Outfitters and are about to hand 30 dollars to your friend’s boyfriend for a 12-dollar bottle of vodka. The party is at 10 p.m. and it’s only 8 p.m., so your friends decide to start pregaming. However, you’ll be drunk before you reach the door which will leave you confused when that red-headed guy from your world history class gives you side-eye in the cafeteria the next day.

Luckily your too young to experience a hangover, but the only thing you’ve got to show for the night is an empty bank account and an unopened Snapchat. This unfortunate turn of events could have all been avoided if you had just stayed in. But why stay in?

Yes, college is about experience, discovery and learning that Jello-shots are more toxic than they look. But its also about being comfortable in yourself, and what’s more comfortable then sitting in an old t-shirt catching up on Netflix?

Free from the fear of em barrassing yourself, or relying on other people to get you home, staying in can be stress relieving. The only person you have to depend on is you and your ability not to over cook the box mac and cheese. A night in is a total investment in yourself.

You can put on a face mask, deep condition your hair, and catch up on some sleep and assignments. Go ahead and eat a pint of ice-cream now that you’re not sporting a crop top and a “pleather” skirt. Your elastic pajama pants are more than forgiving and will forgive your post-Taco-Bell-bloat. In fact, pick up the phone and call some of your friends. The ones you can be completely and one hundred percent yourself with. Remember staying in is all about you, so you make the call and leave the drama at the door, you’ll be thankful in the morning.

Taking a night off is more than just an opportunity to recharge, it’s an opportunity to save money. By not going out, you’re going save money on an Uber, alcohol and an outfit you’ll probably never wear again. Money you can put towards a decent meal, comfortable shoes, or just basic necessities.

College is hard, and you don’t have to make it harder for yourself by ruining your sleep schedule. So, stay in!

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