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Maryville College hit with vandalism once again

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in News | 13 comments

Following this weekend’s incidents of vandalism on campus, the campus has been hit once again. As students went to breakfast this morning, they were struck with shock upon entering Pearsons Hall. Some time between dinner time on Oct. 16 and breakfast time on Oct. 17, the entire span of sidewalk in front of the dining hall was spray-painted to read “#F[***] TRUMP BLACK LIVES MATTER.” Between Oct. 14- Oct. 17, there have been at least three different incidents of vandalism on campus – each with black spray paint. While the defacing of the Covenant Stone is probably the most disrespectful to the college, this incident of both using profanity and painting on such a large scale is quite a shock to the college. [UPDATE] Vice President of Maryville College and Dean of Students Vandy Kemp has sent a memo to the faculty, staff and students at MC in response to the incidents of the past several days. “This sort of behavior is rare and cannot be tolerated. For that reason, a $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the apprehension of the vandal,” said Kemp. Kemp is very careful to state that assumptions should not be made about the vandal based on the content of the vandalism. Anyone with information about the incident should contact...

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Unknown suspect vandalizes beloved Covenant Stone

Posted by on Oct 15, 2016 in News | 2 comments

On the weekend of Oct. 15, during Maryville College’s fall break, students staying on campus noticed multiple accounts of vandalism. The Covenant Stone which reads “Scholarship Respect Integrity” is representative of the college and its standards. Each fall the college hosts an annual ceremony where first-year students are invited to touch the stone and commit to upholding the values of the college. It appears the stone has been spray-painted with black paint. In addition references to Donald Trump have been painted on at least one of MC’s banners. Updates will be posted as the Highland Echo learns more of this...

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Women’s soccer team is fighting for victories

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Feature Slider, Sports | 0 comments

The Maryville College Women’s soccer team is in mid-season and they are ready to win. The MC women’s team is four and five and one overall and four and two and one in conference. The women tied with Huntingdon on Sep. 24. The team lost many top scorers at the end of last season. According to senior defender Casey Gentile, “learning how to play… [without the graduated seniors] took some time.” Gentile and fellow senior Mandy Marshall, who is...

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Scots soccer blanks Roanoke, increases win streak to six

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Sports | 0 comments

Oct. 5, 2016 – The Maryville College Men’s Soccer team improved to 10-2 on the season after a 4-0 defeat of Roanoke College (5-4-1).  The Scots tallied their first goal of the night in the sixth minute when All-Conference senior midfielder Tim Baker slotted a ball into the stride of All-American player Caleb Lucas who beat a couple of defenders and rocketed a shot off the bottom of the crossbar and down into the goal, for his 15th goal...

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The boy’s and girl’s guide to getting the hell out of here: Live like a local

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Perspectives | 0 comments

I want to give you some tips for living like a local in Nantes, France. For this, I interviewed Neyla Tabore, a French exchange student from the University of Nantes in the Institute of Administration and Enterprise. The following is a list of her recommendations for the Nantes tourist. Nantes is in the western part of France on the Loire River. It is the sixth largest city in France and the capital of the Pays de la Loire region....

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North Carolina restricts access to police footage

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Perspectives | 0 comments

In July, North Carolina passed Bill 972 that states that the body cameras and dash cams used by law-enforcement will no longer be considered public record. This bill requires individuals captured in the recordings to write in as well as get a court order signed by a police chief in order to view them. However, a request can be denied. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed this bill after the footage of Keith Lamont Scott came to light. McCrory...

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JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” brings success to MC Alumnus

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Features | 0 comments

Imagine finally graduating from Maryville College and having your senior thesis become a bestseller on amazon. This is the exact what happened Robert Norris a graduate from Maryville College in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing Communications. “It’s hard to find your footing in writing communications,” said Norris. Norris’s greatest success has been his senior thesis titled “Harry Potter and the Glossary of Death.” “I knew I wanted to be able to analyze literature and offer my...

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MC aims to lessen credit requirements

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Due to recent uproar about fitting 128 credits into four years at Maryville College, Academic Dean Barbara Wells, faculty, and students aim to change the credit requirement in order to graduate. Students’ concerns have been heard, and the discussion to change four-year credit hours from 128 to 120 has launched. When Maryville College compares itself to other colleges, 120 credit hours seems to be the new academic norm. The conversation seems to be headed in favor of mimicking MC’s...

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Veterans dinner is a tribute to veterans past, present and future

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Feature Slider, Perspectives | 0 comments

You may have heard the saying, “The thing about icebergs is you only see about 10 percent.” The same can be said about the amount of work of the faculty and staff at Maryville College puts in so that we, the students, can enjoy our time here. On Sept. 29, the military students were honored to bear witness to an extra portion of the aforementioned hard work put in by MC’s faculty and staff. As you may know, MC...

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Maryville College makes conscious decision to enforce drug policy

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Feature Slider, News | 0 comments

This summer, Maryville College administrations revisited the campus drug policy and made changes for the 2016-2017 academic year. Maryville College’s Prevention Implementation Team, a group of staff dedicated to preventing and disciplining the use of drugs and alcohol on campus, examined the existing drug policy. While the policy underwent no changes, the team agreed that the current standards needed to be enforced in a manner following the language of the policy. After receiving complaints from non-drug-using students that even...

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