App of the week: Peggle Blast

App of the week: Peggle Blast

by Tobi Scott

As a college student, I often find myself planted in the library with an iPhone in front of my face and a term paper on the table just behind it. I am a sucker for a good iPhone game.

One issue with iPhone games, however, is that they get old. You play one for a few weeks, defeat a decent amount of levels, and move on to the next top game in the app store.

This week, I’d like to spotlight an App that has kept me playing for months without betrayal: Peggle Blast.

Peggle Blast is set up similarly to Candy Crush in that it has a game board layout that you follow to each new level. The general basis of the game is simple; you have a certain number of balls that you can use to hit a certain number of orange pegs.

This process is complicated by obstacles like the pegs being in motion or blocked by walls of blue pegs. With each level, the game gets trickier, and at some points, you might feel like you’ll never make it any further. This, however, just makes the game even more addicting because it is too fun to quit.

Every 15 levels, you are faced with a series of battles that you must defeat before moving on to the next stage of the game. Also, with each new stage of the game, you are given a new power that you can use for those next 15 levels.

The powers provided in each stage of the game are very helpful in terms of defeating levels but also add to the entertainment of the game. Just as you’ve gotten used to how everything works, you are given a new way of playing and your former way is gone.

In addition to these powers, between levels, the game gives you the option to watch ads in exchange for extra power boosts. My advice to you is to watch these ads and save these boosts (especially early on in the game). They are very helpful on the more tricky levels.

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