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Senior art and design shows this May

Posted by on May 2, 2018 in Arts/Entertainment | 0 comments

This May, four Maryville College seniors will be showcasing their senior thesis works in the various Clayton Center for the Arts’ galleries. Casey Clarke, Brandi Payne, Nadia Marrero-Silva and Andrew Trotter will all have their displays up from May 7-17. During regular gallery hours, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday, anyone is welcome to come see the exhibits. There will also be a collective reception held May 17, which will begin at 6 p.m. and last until 8 p.m. Hailing From Maryville, Casey Clarke is an art major whose show is titled “Shenanigans” and will be displayed in the La Dolce Vita Gallery. Made with a combination of acrylic paints and colored pencils, her portrait pieces are larger at 32 inches by 40 inches with an overall theme that includes onesie-clad figures with neutral facial expressions.   “I do...

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2018 Academic and Leadership Awards Ceremonies recognize Maryville College students

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An annual celebration of scholarship and academic achievement, Maryville College’s 2018 Academic Awards Ceremony took place on April 21. Held within the Ronald and Lynda Nutt Theater in the Clayton Center for the Arts, a grand total of 53 awards were given out among 62 students of various class levels. Core Curriculum: There were four senior recipients of the Liberal Arts Award: Cara Coleman, Kameron Graves, Jenna Hunt and Kathleen Staller. This award recognizes each student as having maintained the highest grade point average in all of Maryville College’s core courses. Behavioral Sciences: This year the David H. Briggs Award, one that recognizes a senior psychology major who has exhibited the best academic performance within psychology based on in-class performance, overall scholarship and grade point average, was presented to Kristie Lee. An award which is given to a senior...

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Gibson to be Fit. Green. Happy.®

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This coming academic year, Gibson Hall will be designated as a Fit. Green. Happy.® place of living. Mirroring Lloyd Hall, Gibson, named after former Maryville College president Gerald Gibson, has been home to almost 150 residents each year since 2008. Standing four floors high, Gibson does currently employ a wellness component, which requires its residents to withhold from consuming tobacco products along with alcohol.   Created by Bruce Guillaume, founder and Director of Mountain Challenge, the Fit. Green. Happy.® initiative generally aims to promote physical, mental and environmental wellness all around. It’s an idea which encourages a higher sense of awareness and attention paid to our environment in addition to sustainability practices. Because it has already been maintaining its preexisting wellness mandate, Gibson has been collectively decided upon by Guillaume and Student Services as the best candidate out of...

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Clayton Center for the arts presents “Figured”

Posted by on Feb 21, 2018 in Arts/Entertainment, Feature Slider | 0 comments

Not one, or two, but four different contemporary artists currently have their pieces on display in the Blackberry Farm Gallery of the Clayton Center for the Arts in an exhibit collectively titled “Figured.” The exhibit features work from Knoxville-based artist Denise Stewart-Sanabria; Seth Haverkamp, former graduate of the nearby Carson-Newman University; Nashville native John Woodrow Kelley; and Melanie Norris from Asheville, North Carolina. All work represents the human figure in some form from painted portraits to life-size plywood figures. “These works are part of a series concentrating on the large-scale representation of contemporary people,” said Stewart-Sanabria in reference to her pieces, which are drawn with charcoal on top of plywood. The images are then cut out, so they can go on to become free standing figures. To make these drawings, she references photographs that she personally captures of people...

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