Bio, bears and bucks, oh my!

“Intimidation Face” taken by Jon Carney ‘17 from Dr. Crain’s Wildlife Photography class

At a Liberal Arts college, it’s not unusual to mix interests such as Biology and Photography for example; when Dr. Crain takes 12 students into the Great Smoky Mountains with a bunch of cameras, the consequence is very unique. The results of this are calendars, featuring photographs taken by Dr. Crain’s J-term Wildlife Photography class, which are edited and put together by Mary Workman, MC’s publication manager.

Each month features a student-shot photograph, a picture of the student, as well as the title and a short description of their photo.

The class may be called Bio200, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a biology major to participate.

The featured students range in year from freshman to seniors, and students in majors from finance to theater were peppered throughout the biology majors.

The photographs included included in the calendar range from salamanders and bears to landscape shots. One month even features a photo taken by Dr. Crain himself.

One of the most unique features of the calendar is that each month highlights important Maryville College event dates. This includes break times, semester start and end dates, and final exam days in addition to the traditional dates and holidays found in a typical calendar.

The 17-month calendars are currently on sale in the bookstore and will continue to be available for purchase until December 2018. The price for picking one up on campus is $10 while the price for having one shipped is $15.

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