How to give thanks in a pandemic: Thanksgetting

Thanksgiving will be odd this year. Much of my family is within the vulnerable population demographic regarding the virus due to old age and/or preexisting conditions. Everyone is fearful, disappointed, but suddenly very creative as to fulfilling this year’s quota of togetherness, embarrassment, awkward political differences, and most of all: love. It is still unclear how it’ll all happen. I think most people are in a similar situation or in something much, much worse where they might even be missing someone from their table. I think humanity as a whole has given enough this year, so in a time that is usually meant for being thankful and charitable I believe the former is more important this time around. Is there a such a thing as Thanksgetting? Now there is, and here’s how you celebrate. 

First, do whatever you can to make yourself feel at home in such an off-kilter world. This can be with or without family. When normalcy has been beaten and burned alive by the year 2020, a return to this normalcy should be a priority. What is something safe and fun to take your mind off a pandemic? Were there any projects or hobbies you started before the pandemic and haven’t finished or developed further?

Second, a return to normalcy requires a reconnection of sorts, and this can be with family or old friends. Has the pandemic prevented you from seeing those you value most? Make it a point to reconnect in any way possible. Whether that is in the form of seeing someone in person, facetiming, or an Among Us game is up to you. 

Finally, and most importantly, value yourself. This isn’t a time to string yourself out. Whatever Thanksgiving is to you this year, don’t let isolation or lack of family experience distort self-image. We can make it through this.

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