Maryville College APO virtual ghost tours

Maryville College’s chapter Alpha Psi Omega (APO) hosts ghost tours every year. This year, things are a little different, but everyone can still enjoy the spooky feeling of the ghost tours right in their own home.

APO’S President Riley Hamant said, “The ghost tour is a walk-through of the Maryville College Woods to hear stories about the ghosts that live on campus with us and learn to respect their stories.”

The virtual component is not the only unique thing about this year’s ghost tours.  In a non-virtual ghost tour year, the tour is just walking through the college woods with an assigned tour guide. With everything being online, there is the ability to add to the experience. 

“The wound is cotton and latex. Then the slit was made with the end of a tooth flosser. Nance (the director) put black eyeshadow in the middle, red eyeshadow around it, and then fake blood.”
Photo Courtesy of Jenni Grover.

The virtual tours are a series of videos where you “choose your own adventure.” Everyone watching starts off at the same video, and then at the end of each video, they are presented with a choice between two different videos to pick from as the next part of their journey. Each video is about two to four minutes long. 

As the viewer, you get to make the decision on how your tour ends. There are “35 unique endings,” depending on what is chosen, according to APO’s YouTube page. 

“ Riley Hamant at last year’s ghost tour with a basic dead makeup look.” 
Photo Courtesy of Riley Hamant.

The virtual ghost tours are available now on the Maryville College APO YouTube channel.

What will you choose for your adventure? 

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