MC scots win against Hanover

adam diggs
Adam Diggs threw an MC record of 6 touchdowns in win over Emory & Henry College – Maryville College Athletics

The Maryville College football team won against Hanover College on September 9, 2017, with a score of 24-20.

After last weeks loss to Berry, the team really tried to improve and prepare for Hanover College. In an effort to pick up their win-loss record, the Scots were able to make two touchdowns and a field goal during the second half, winning the game and giving the Scots a 1-1 record.

After losing to Berry, we knew we had to work harder to make sure we didn’t go 0-2,” said Adam Diggs, No. 12. “Our goal is to win every game the rest of the season, so we had more focus in practice leading up to Hanover.

Hanover College, located in Hanover, Indiana, is also a private liberal arts college. It is located on  the Ohio River, nestled in 650 acres of woods.

In preparation for their second game of the season, the team watched videos of Hanover and practiced as best they could. They were well prepared and had a good understanding of who they were up against.

Hanover did exactly what we as an offense expected,” said Michael Smith, No. 11. “We watched films all week, and we were prepared for everything that they threw at us defensively. We were well prepared, and had a good game plan going into the game.

Despite their strong defensive strategies, Hanover scored towards the end of the first quarter. However, the Scots were able to hold them off through the second quarter even stronger and were even able to score before half-time.

The Scotsfirst touchdown was a team favorite, with both Diggs and Smith seeing it as a game highlight when Eddy Burton caused a fumble.

“Jordan Early [scooped] the fumble for a touchdown,” Diggs said.

Smith, too, said that he felt the first touchdown was an extremely important point in the game.

“That first touchdown changed the momentum of the game, and put the first points on the scoreboard for us, Smith said.

The third quarter started out with another touchdown from the Scots. Smith said he was impressed, and this was another game highlight for him.

The first play after halftime for the offense, we scored on an 80-yard touchdown pass from Diggs,Smith said.

The Scots scored twice during the third quarter, and while Hanover was able to score a touchdown, they chose to not take a field goal kick and instead tried for two more touchdowns and failed.

With the game tied at 20-20 during the fourth quarter, the Scots scored a field goal, winning the game.

Our coaches worked hard this week to prepare us on what to expect from Hanover,” Diggs said. “We were confident in knowing what we were doing and what they were trying to do to stop us.

The following game took place on September 16 against Emory & Henry, which they won 56-46. Then, they play at N.C. Wesleyan on September 23. Their next home game will be September 30 against Greensboro. adam diggs

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