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“Stranger Things 2” review

Posted by on Nov 22, 2017 in Arts/Entertainment, Feature Slider | 0 comments

If you haven’t binged watched “Stranger Things 2,” get out your laptop and press play because this season brings greater threats, new characters and love triangles that will bring out your inner teen girl. Hawkins, Indiana has become a spot for “strange” things to happen. In the first season, we experienced a young girl with telekinetic abilities and a Demogorgan that attacked when it smelled blood. Talk about an interesting week for this town. The new characters we get are Max and Billy, stepsiblings who hate each other, Bob Newby, Joyce’s boyfriend, and Dr. Owens. Max is the super cool, video game girl that just moved from California. She beats Dustin’s high score on the video game, which was cool because it broke traditional stereotypes of girls not being into that kind of stuff. Hats off to the producers...

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What’s happened to Halloween?

Posted by on Nov 8, 2017 in Perspectives | 0 comments

One year at a Halloween party, I was channeling my inner Hermione Granger, and it was awesome. I had a pleated skirt, gray sweater and knee-high socks complete with a wand I had bought at Target. It was cute, fun and one of my favorite characters. Now, at this party, I kept seeing girls stumbling around in booty shorts and fishnet tights, claiming to be cats, bunnies and other animals. Clearly they’ve never seen a cat before because I’m pretty sure cats don’t wear fishnets.   This got me thinking. Why do people choose to wear these revealing costumes or things that just shouldn’t be worn as a costume? Cats, bunnies, cops, nurses, soldiers, Disney characters and many others have been deformed into these weird, ugly costumes. To be a bunny, you need a set of tights, a leotard,...

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Scots overrule the Monarchs for homecoming

Posted by on Oct 25, 2017 in Feature Slider, Sports | 0 comments

Homecoming weekend ended with the Scots winning against Methodist University, home of the Monarchs, with a score of 35-14. The Monarchs are located in Fayetteville, North Carolina and have at a 1-6 ranking. The Scots are now at 4-3.   The first quarter started with the Scots winning the coin toss. In the first five minutes, Elijah Hairston scored the first touchdown of the game, and Ian Hubbs got the extra point. The Scots also scored the second touchdown of the game when Caine Adamson passed to Mac Seagle, who rushed 17 yards for a touchdown close to the end of the first quarter. However, Hubbs did not make the extra point. The second quarter included the Monarchs scoring their first touchdown of two and two field goal attempts by the Scots. Before halftime, the score was 19-7. During...

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Cherub statues mysteriously appear in college woods

Posted by on Oct 11, 2017 in Feature Slider, Features | 0 comments

Strange angel statues have been popping up randomly throughout the trails in the Campus Woods.     Students and faculty are confused about where these statues are coming from and who is leaving them. These statues are the size one would see in a garden or in a cemetery by a gravestone, so they are easily moveable. However, due to the weight of them, it seems unlikely that these statues are being placed out there by only one person.       Whoever has been leaving these statues has violated two rules that Campus Woods have. According to the school’s website, if you enter the woods you must “leave no trace: carry out what you carry in” and “stay on existing trails.”     The statues that have been left throughout the woods are called cherubs, which means they are a depiction of a small,...

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Scots crush the Pride of Greensboro

Posted by on Oct 11, 2017 in Sports | 0 comments

 The Scots football team crushed Greensboro College, home of the Pride on Saturday, Sept. 30 with an impressive score of 48-6.     Maryville is now 3-2, while the Pride is ranked 1-3. Greensboro College is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, which is the third largest city in the state.     After their 10 point loss to N.C. Wesleyan on Sept. 23, the Scots stepped up their game during the first quarter against the Pride. Within the first five minutes of the game, Trey Melton picked up a fumble and quickly made his way towards the end zone. The second touchdown, made by Caine Adamson, happened two minutes before the end of the first quarter. Andrew Tanner, the field goal kicker, was unable to get the extra points for these touchdowns.     “The preparation [for this game] wasn’t that different, but the energy...

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