Scots crush the Pride of Greensboro

 The Scots football team crushed Greensboro College, home of the Pride on Saturday, Sept. 30 with an impressive score of 48-6.

    Maryville is now 3-2, while the Pride is ranked 1-3. Greensboro College is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, which is the third largest city in the state.

    After their 10 point loss to N.C. Wesleyan on Sept. 23, the Scots stepped up their game during the first quarter against the Pride. Within the first five minutes of the game, Trey Melton picked up a fumble and quickly made his way towards the end zone. The second touchdown, made by Caine Adamson, happened two minutes before the end of the first quarter. Andrew Tanner, the field goal kicker, was unable to get the extra points for these touchdowns.

    “The preparation [for this game] wasn’t that different, but the energy on the field was,” said Simon Holcomb, No. 85. “I think losing to NC Wesleyan showed us that we’re not going to just get handed a win.   

    Elijah Chenier and Mac Seagle both made it into the end zone during the second quarter. Tanner was able to put the ball through the end zone easily for this quarter, earning the Scots their two extra points.

    The halftime show was provided by the Scotties Dance Team, performing a dance choreographed by one of the dancers, junior Serena Coleman.

    Going into the second half, the Scots were up 15-0. About four minutes into the third quarter, Elijah Hairston ran 12 yards to the end zone, scoring a touchdown and Ian Hubbskick scored for the extra point.

    In the third quarter, Adam Diggs scored a touchdown close to the end of the quarter. The Scots got their extra point from another good kick by Ian Hubbs. The Pride finally put some points on the scoreboard with one minute to spare when they scored a touchdown. However, they do not receive an extra point because, instead of kicking a field goal, they tried for a second touchdown, but failed.

    With the score at 41-6, Khashawn Decker make another touchdown for the Scots, having occurred during the middle of the fourth quarter. Ian Hubbskick scored again, so they got the extra point. The Pride failed to make any more points, resulting in a tremendous win for the Scots at 48-6. Because of the high score over the Pride, it was encouraging to watch the Scots give all their quarterbacks a chance to play.

    “The highlight of the game for me was seeing every quarterback play,” said Diggs, No. 12 “Our quarterbacks are close, and we all encourage each other. We played six quarterbacks in one game which means we are playing well and winning big.”

    The Scotsnext game will be held on Oct. 14 at Huntingdon College, home of the Hawks, in Montgomery, Alabama. Currently, the Hawks sit at 4-1.

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