Memphis in May

Memphis in May is a month-long festival in Memphis, Tenn. that provides many different events such as the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, Great American River Run, Celebrate Memphis, and, last but not least, The Beale Street Music Festival—all in the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock-and-roll.

The Beale Street Music Festival is, according to the Memphis in May official website, “a three-day, four-stage event in Memphis, TN featuring 60+ top musical acts from today and beyond.”

The festival will begin Friday, May 3 and will last until the final stage on Sunday, May 5 at the Tom Lee Park on the bank of the Mississippi River in Downtown Memphis.

As a student in college, most plans aren’t made that early in advance considering we’ve all had that McDonald’s run at two in the morning when you have a sudden bout of hangry-ness.

However, this festival is conveniently placed the weekend after exams, so if anyone is looking for a fun celebration of a job well done, or a dazzling distraction from a blip-in-your-grade-book, this festival is something anyone can look forward to.

Specifically, the Beale Street Music Festival provides a fast-paced, variety of bands preforming. If a concert in a big crowd in the rain won’t stop you, there are other places you can check out in the historic city including Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, and the historic Peabody Hotel.

Despite the lineup not being announced until February, and the actual event being in May, many people have already snatched up their tickets way in advanced—some as soon as the tickets went on sale in November.

Why would people be buying tickets for an event six months in advance? Well, until the event, the tiers will either sell out because of their limited quantity, or the price will expire on specific dates.

There are two versions of tickets you can buy: tiers 1-4, which provide three-day passes at increasing prices and some perks, and VIP, which provides an excess of perks to be taken advantage of.

Despite their range of tickets and prices, they only have a limited number available and only for a limited time for the most common ticket sales. Tier One of the tickets is already sold-out and was the cheapest option available at $115.

Tier Two is currently available on sale until May 5, or until it most likely sells out before then, at the price of $125. Tier Three and Four have yet to come on sale but are estimated to be prices around $135 and $170 respectively.

Tier Three ticket prices expire April 30 at midnight, which is why the sooner you buy a ticket, the better for your wallet.

The perk to buying a ticket earlier is you get a lower price than closer to the event, and despite not knowing what bands will be playing until February, they have such a range of performers that anyone would be able to find one they like.

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