SPB comedian night

SPB Members stand alongside comedian Nate Jackson.

On Friday, Jan. 11, the Student Programming Board (SPB) held an event featuring a well-known, charismatic comedian who swept the audience into the hilarious misadventures of his life.

Nate Jackson is currently traveling to schools across the country to perform his comedic sets to students for a fun night of laughter and relatable stories he has experienced in his life.

As soon as he entered the stage, Jackson couldn’t stop the audience from laughing, even if what he was saying wasn’t necessarily a set joke.

From the young trouble-maker he used to be to the uproarious Tinder dating experiences he’s had, Jackson eased the audience in with fun commentary that made it feel like an entertaining one-on-one conversation.

Besides himself, he also roasted some of the audience by interacting with ease, inspiring some quickwitted nicknames, and calling out funny incidents in the crowd (especially those who came in late… bless their hearts).

“I thought his jokes were very funny and perfect for the college age crowd,” said freshman Caroline Moss, “Although we were late and missed part of the show, it was really fun and energetic for the crowd to have him picking on us as well as other random students that would catch his eye.”

“He was funny, and I liked that it was a free thing to do with friends without leaving campus,” said freshman Autumn Weaver.

“I think he interacted with the audience a lot and did a good job figuring out what kind of jokes we liked,” said freshman Chloe Hamlett, “I’ve liked all the entertainers we’ve had for SPB, and I would go again.”

According to his website, Jackson started comedy as a full-time college student from Eastern Washington University. While he majored in Organizational Communications, he also ended up pursuing a minor in Stand-Up Comedy and learning what he could from clubs in the area.

He’s been doing comedy for about 20 years now, and it definitely shows when he’s up on stage, rolling jokes out like a machine.

He has been featured in national tours, prestigious comedy clubs, and a long list of TV shows where he either featured as an honored guest or an audience favorite comic.

The most well-known of these is the MTV #1 Rated show, Nick Cannon Presents “Wild’n Out.” He also has an impressive list of competition awards such as Winner of the 2006 EWU Comedy Competition and Winner of the 2010 Bay Area Black Comedy Competition.

Special thanks goes out to Doniqua Flack, the SPB’s sponsor who asked Jackson to come to our school, and SPB for organizing and providing this fun-filled night to relax and have a good laugh as we came back from winter break.

Following this event, SPB also has a few more guest performances for these last few months of the school year including another performer for the music tour and a story teller, so keep looking out for those announcements coming up!

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