Scots’ football “can’t get right”

“Can’t get right” is a saying that former Maryville College Offensive Coordinator Phillip Bailey would call players who couldn’t seem to “get with the program.” With the way things are going for the Scots right now, it seems as if nobody can “get with the program.” Multiple miscues on each side of the ball, including special teams, has been the biggest withdrawal from the team’s overall success.  

Within the first four games, something different has gone wrong every game. The 2019 Scots are not looking like what everyone expected them to be coming off of last year’s Conference Championship season and NCAA Playoff appearance. There have been rumors that their amount of talent is related to the rough start. If you look in depth on the offensive end, they’re only replacing three starters. 

On said defensive end, they lost more than half of their starters, but the level of play has not decreased from year-to-year, holding off a Brevard College running back and leading rusher to under 20 rushing yards. Senior LB Jamal Ware led the team in tackles with seven, which wreaked havoc on the entire game. Bo Hering, junior LB who is also one of the captains of the defense alongside Trenton Cumby, came up big once again by intercepting a ball in the Red Zone and forcing a big stop. 

The next question is: can the offense not produce? The answer is: yes, they can. Sophomore running back Jacob Bunch and the offensive line rushed for more than 150 yards against ranked opponent Centre College. 

Jamal Ware getting the crowd hype for a big third down stop. 
Photo by Donna Sanders-Ware

There has been a change on the offensive end. Caden Harbin, once linebacker, is now the starting quarterback. The game against Brevard was his first game starting. Making the change during the week gave him two weeks to prepare. Harbin, a once high school superstar now turned into team savior, is expected to bring a spark to the offense, which the team hopes will help get their season off the ground. 

Harbin did not look horrible for his first game as QB, going 17/31 attempting just as many attempts as Nelson Smith and Trevor Thomas have so far throughout the season. Smith’s season was cut short due to an unfortunate shoulder injury against Centre. 

It is evident that Shaun Hayes has trust in his new QB and hopes he will lead his new offense to a victory soon as they travel to Montgomery, Al. to play against rival Huntington College on Oct.12 at 1 p.m. 

You can imagine the Scots know they will be in hostile territory. They will have to give maximum effort in all aspects of the game. Hopefully, they “can get right!” The Scots will return to Hanoker Field on Oct. 19 to play LaGrange College for Maryville College Homecoming!

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