Maryville College athletes return to finish their senior seasons

The year 2020 has been a strange and different season for all of us. From semesters being cut short, transitioning to distance learning, and athletic seasons being postponed, it has been an interesting year. However, with a new school year among us, seniors have been given the opportunity to return to Maryville College for their true senior season. 

After the cancellation of spring sports, many athletes were left uncertain of what next season would be like. After much consideration from the USA South Conference and Maryville College’s administration, seniors were granted another year of eligibility. Many Maryville College seniors decided to return to campus to compete one last time. 

“Once the season was cancelled, and they suggested a red-shirt COVID year, I immediately knew that I was going to take it,” said senior softball player Morgan Brewer. “I couldn’t let that be an end to my softball career.”

Although all sports seasons may look different this year, athletes and coaches anticipate a successful and prosperous season. The postponement of fall sports provides athletes with the opportunity to gain strength and improve for potentially one of the best seasons in their career. Training, practices, and exercises will be held with proper social distancing and CDC guidelines, so that athletes can be sure of safe training.

“We are going to follow all rules and start having practices with just small groups practicing together and won’t intermingle,” said assistant baseball coach Jimmy Reese. “If we do our part, we are able to have a [good] year.”

Athletes anticipate and are thrilled to hopefully compete in a successful season in just a few short months. 

“I want a third championship. I want a three-peat. I want to be the team to come back from this horrible start to 2020, and I want to be the team that comes out on top,” Brewer said. “I had to come back and finish out my career in a way that I could be proud of.”

Senior athletes, like Brewer, anticipate the opportunity for one more successful season with this, there is much work and preparation that must be done.

“We are able to practice this semester,” Brewer said regarding the preparation for this softball season. “Coach is keeping it to small groups in order to stay socially distant. This season is going to be weird for everyone, however, we are going to be prepared right out of the gate.”

Senior athletes are excited about what the future holds. Times may be uncertain, but with the opportunity to compete one last time, senior athletes anticipate the success that is in the near future. 

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