Finding comfort in old passions and rediscovering new ones: People are making the most of quarantine

Stay at home orders and social distancing across the U.S. has meant that everyone is home and daily routines are completely changed. Everyone’s experience varies greatly, but many people are turning to hobbies in order to lift their spirits.

There are plenty of articles and quizzes to help you figure out what hobby you should try, but one MC student has found the answer in her own backyard.

“In my current downtime in this quarantine, I have found a lot of joy in finding spring onions in my yard and neighbors’ yards (no shame), and using them to cook with,” said senior graphic design major Chloe Vacarro. “Cooking is a massive passion of mine.”

Senior Carson Clark has also been cooking and trying new recipes.

“I have a lot more free time now which has given me the opportunity to try making everything I just haven’t had time to,” Clark said. “Baking bread was the first thing on my list, and I am having so much fun. Once I get more flour, I am going to attempt making pasta from scratch. Wish me luck!”

Other students have been finding several ways to pass the time along with their academic workload. Senior history and writing communications double major Brinley Knowles has been knitting and Eno-ing in her backyard along with helping to protect her family from COVID-19 by making masks.

When asked if she had found any quarantine hobbies, senior english major Brianna Gibson shared her new interest that could have professional potential.

 “If you count my budding bartending career, which I need to get more alcohol for, then yes, I do have a hobby,” Gibson said. She has also been writing and watching her sister dye her hair.

Puzzles are being dug out from game chests everywhere and junior history major Eleanor Forester has hopped on the trend along with playing the guitar and watching “Sex and the City” for the first time.

Apps like TikTok are allowing people to create videos to share globally or with their friends. Several MC students have taken advantage of this platform to have fun and possibly achieve internet virality.

“I started TikTok as a result of boredom during quarantine, but turns out it’s kind of fun,” said sophomore biochemistry major Autumn Weaver. You can follow her on TikTok @autumnmarie0802.

These hobbies are also a source of connection as people reach out to share their new accomplishments. When I FaceTimed my sister to have her listen to the three chords I’d learned on the guitar, she held up a pair of half-finished embroidered underwear.

Whatever people are doing to spend their time, the excitement of starting something new, the comfort of repetitive motion or the satisfaction of a finished project all work to take things to a more lighthearted place.

Despite all of this, the most important thing is to take care of yourself and those you love. While hobbies work with the schedules of some, productivity is not the deciding factor of the value of a day. No matter what you are doing through the remainder of quarantine, remember to stay safe and reach out for help if you need it.

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