Savanna Stacy enjoys the view of Abram’s Falls. She enjoys hiking by herself because it is a “peaceful time to just think and connect with nature.”
Photo courtesy of Savanna Stacy.
 Abrams Falls Trail is booming with bright colors in the middle of October. 
Photo courtesy of Savanna Stacy.
Savanna Stacy and roommate Erin Victorson accepted the challenge to hike 14 miles to Mount LeConte.
They believe the long miles and jelly-like legs was worth the views they saw. 
Photo courtesy of Savanna Stacy.
 LeConte is known for being one of the hardest hikes in the Smokies. Savanna Stacy stated she could not have done it
without the moral support of her hiking buddy, Erin Victorson. 
Photo courtesy of Savanna Stacy.
“Taking a million pictures,” is another perk of Savanna’s independent hikes. She is glad to set her own
pace and admire the craftsmanship of the trails. 
Photo courtesy of Savanna Stacy

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