New members elected to SGA

The results of a campus-wide election held on Tuesday, Sept. 13, have been released by Maryville College’s Student Government Association.

Fourteen of the 18 positions available have been filled for the 2011-12 school year. The SGA would like to extend a thank you to all of the candidates who were in the running. The following students are the winners of their respective races:


Freshmen Class

President – Jacob Timmie

Vice President – Paul Earheart-Brown

Secretary/Treasurer – Linley Dunn

Senator – Brittany Costner

Senator – Jose Perez



Representatives (2) – TBD

Senator – James Lopp

Senator – Shelby Morrow

Senator – Callie Keasler


Hall Senators

Beeson – Megan Lock

Carnegie – Jamila Williams

Copeland – Tyler Jones

Court Street – TBD

Davis – Samuneisha Davidson

Gamble – William Blanden

Gibson – TBD

Lloyd – Doug Carson


The seats of Gibson Hall senator, Court Street Hall senator and commuter representative remain empty, as no students ran for the positions. A second election will take place to fill the vacant chairs.

The first meeting of the new SGA body will take place on Thursday, Sept. 15. Regular SGA meetings are held every Thursday at 12:30 in Thaw 216 and are open to everyone. All students, faculty, staff and other interested community members are invited to attend these meetings and voice their opinions or just sit in and listen to the issues and bills being discussed.

The SGA is working to make student involvement and communication a priority this year. Student Government President Devan Reynolds said: “We need to let ourselves really hear what it is that students want and then do everything in our power to make those things happen. Complex or simple, salient or not, we have been elected to address student issues, and that is what we will do.”

For any students wishing to provide feedback, there is always a suggestion box available in the student activities office.

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