Tyler the Creator releases new album ‘Goblin’

“I’m a 19-year-old f***ing emotional roller coaster with pipe dreams,” raps Tyler the Creator in his album, “Goblin,” released earlier this summer.

Although Tyler has since turned 20, he successfully described his persona in one line.

Tyler the Creator was born March 6, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. As a seven-year-old, he would create imaginary albums and even go as far to make entire track lists. Little did he know, he would be the front man of the hip-hop group OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All).

The group itself has often been compared to the early 90s hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, for their absurd and wild antics lyrically. No matter the comparisons, Tyler the Creator has begun to make a name for himself and does not seem to be going away without offending a few people.

“Goblin” begins with a track of the same name. This track was perfect as an introduction. The song begins with a deep and distorted voiceover that is meant to be Tyler’s evil conscience, which is a recurring theme in the album. Tyler lets everyone know in the first line that he is not a role model and then shares his thoughts on his newfound fame.

The majority of critics have dubbed Tyler the Creator’s music as “horrorcore,” but Tyler puts those critics to rest in his first track. He also expresses his stance against hip-hop artists that went big off radio hits and makes a stance against religion, following with, “You see that’s my decision, you f***ers don’t have to listen.”

Following “Goblin,” Tyler brings us the track that launched him to fame, “Yonkers.”

Most people that have heard Tyler the Creator have seen this video, where he eats a cockroach and then proceeds to hang himself as the song ends. This song alone establishes Tyler’s reputation and persona. “I’m a f***ing walking paradox, no I’m not/ Threesomes with a f***ing triceratops,” he raps, to open the song.

These kinds of absurd statements are something you will need to get used to if you plan on listening to Tyler the Creator. He successfully manages to tear down Hayley Williams, B.o.B  and Bruno Mars, who were involved in the popular radio hit “Airplanes.” This song is evidence that Tyler the Creator can gain success with his obscene and vulgar antics.

After a few tracks, Tyler presents us with “Tron Cat,” probably the track that best displays his talents and skills. Once again, Tyler the Creator raps about absurd things, but his rhyme scheme shows more talent than his previous songs: “I know you’ve heard of us, we’re murderous/ And young enough to get the f***ing priest to come and flirt with us.”  This is a great display of his potential as an artist in the industry.

The final track, “Golden,” opens with Tyler’s evil conscience saying, “Tyler, you obviously have some f***ing problems, and this is the end of this session. Anything else you got to say?”

Tyler responds with his thoughts on women who did not want him before he found fame, along with his parental issues, calling himself a “bastard” multiple times. He additionally  explicates his loss of friends, saying that his new best friend is his assistant. The track and album ends with Tyler the Creator giving in to his evil conscience.

With the release of “Goblin,” Tyler the Creator brings us an album filled with evil consciences, murders, his resistance of fame, his thoughts on religion and  a wealth of vulgar, obscene imagery. Tyler the Creator also produced most of the beats on this album.

There is no doubt that Tyler has talent and potential in this industry.

However, his unique and sometimes questionable style will forever limit him from going mainstream. According to most of his music, that is the last thing he wants to do, though. Besides, he would not be Tyler the Creator if he sold out. Tyler the Creator is the definition of underground hip-hop.

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