Post office updates

This year, the Maryville College post office is welcoming new and returning students with a new package system that may be causing some students to be confused about the arrival of anticipated packages.

The employees of the post office assume that many returning students may be looking in their mailboxes for one of the color-coded cards that were previously put in boxes to alert students of package arrivals. However, last year’s card system is no longer being used.  There is a new system that is completely electronic and functions with the use of scanners and automated email.

The updated system uses new software in conjunction with two scanners, which scan each package as it arrives at the post office.  The software electronically organizes the packages and sends an email to the recipient of each package as they are scanned.

When a student receives an email alerting him of a package arrival, the student may go to the post office, located in the atrium of Bartlett, and provide his box number to an employee, who will then retrieve the package. This is followed by the student showing the employee his ID and signing off on the package, completing the process.

Post office workers ask that students bear in mind that they are also still learning the new system, and there are still some bugs to be worked out.

If for some reason a student is expecting a package and has not received an email, he may either email [email protected] or visit the post office during business hours.

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