Summer blockbusters in review

Just so everyone knows, I’m a real sucker for summer blockbusters. Every year, I look forward to the biggest movies to explode onto the silver screen, and this summer alone had more stellar-looking flicks than the past two summers combined.


“Thor” 3/5 stars

While I was a bit skeptical of the excessive CGI and Dragon Ball Z-esque physics in this film, I soon found myself seeing past all of that to enjoy this humorous, fun little ride. Thor may not be the smartest of films, but it almost makes up for it with its likable lead role and its visually appealing, over-the-top action sequences. A very solid and enjoyable entry in the Marvel Avengers origin stories. .


“Pirates of the Caribbean 4” 3.5/5

My initial concern that the “Pirates” saga might start getting drawn out or that ol’ Captain Jack might lose his signature charm was quickly relieved shortly after the film opened. Some may criticize the noticeable lack of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, and this film was certainly less epic in scope than its predecessor. However, it still retains the swashbuckling spirit and nautical mythology I’ve grown to love.


“The Hangover 2” 3/5

It’s hilarious. There’s not much more to say than that. I heard a decent amount of people weren’t happy that it’s literally the exact same story formula as the first, but I don’t go to see comedies for their riveting plots. If you liked the first one, you’ll probably like the sequel.


“X-Men: First Class” 3.5/5

I’m not a huge fan of the X-Men movies, but this one was my favorite. There are fresh faces to old characters, and the headlining stars do a damn quality job. They try to incorporate some new mutants (some are cool, some are really cheesy), but the relationship between the young Professor X and Magneto is what will keep you glued to the screen. Since it’s an origin movie, I’d recommend it to anyone, X-Men fan or not.


”Super 8” 4/5

Super 8 is….super. To be more precise, it is an instant classic. J.J. Abrams is soon to be a household name, and this movie is a testament to his abilities. The plot concerns a group of young adventurers trying to uncover the secrets behind a mysterious train wreck, menacing government agents and a large, murderous creature on the prowl through their small town. I saw it as one big throwback to blockbusters of old, incorporating elements of “The Goonies,” “E.T.” and even “Jaws.” You probably won’t not like this movie.


“Transformers 3” 2.5/5

I don’t know how I feel about this movie. I thought the first half was pretty cliché of director Michael Bay; that is, it’s a bunch of nonsense and loud noises going a thousand miles an hour, making it almost unintelligible. The second half picked up in spades and brandished forth a satisfying and explosive climax. I guess you’ll just have to watch it and make your own judgments.


“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” 5/5

Easily the movie of the summer, if not of the decade. The final installment in the epic tale of Harry Potter delivered far more than I ever thought it could, and it’ll be a movie worth watching for generations to come. Highly emotional, epic battles beyond belief and just extraordinary magic all about. This movie is perfect.


“Captain America” 2.5/5

For something so highly anticipated, I was really let down. Captain America was just a very standard movie. The plot was generic, the villain seemed a bit silly, and I found the brave, face-of-the-nation Captain America to be kind of dull. It’s not horrible, but it wasn’t good either. Don’t let me bring you down though; others tell me they loved it.


“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” 3.5/5

A real surprise winner. All summer I kept making jokes about how cheesy the movie looked (I just can’t take a monkey attack that seriously), but I was pleasantly surprised. It proved to be a thought-provoking, intelligent drama with a grand ape battle to wrap it all up. James Franco wasn’t bad, but oddly enough, the star of the film was a CGI chimpanzee named Caesar, portrayed by Andy Serkis, the man behind Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings.”

So, there you have it. No doubt some of you have found my reviews satisfactory and agreeable, while there are countless others who’ve grimaced at my poor assessments. That’s okay! The beauty of movies is that there are so many different ones to enjoy. Just so you know, some of these are already out on DVD/Blu-Ray, and the rest are hot on the way!

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